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MODERN FLAMES, LLC. - SPS-60B - 251-SPS-60B - 60" Spectrum Slimline Elec Fireplace

60" Spectrum Slimline Elec Fireplace
Ambiance 100" CLX Electric Fireplace with Flat White Front.

Includes Touch Screen with Thermostat & Remote Controls, LED Flame Technology, Coal & Glass Media


Item #: 251-SPS-60B
60" Spectrum Slimline Wall Mount / Recessed-Clean Face Electric Fireplace

Modern Flame Electric Fireplaces

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Our products are perfect for any home, office, restaurant or commercial setting – providing an ambiance and mood setting unrivaled for the ultimate contemporary look of a clean, crisp and inviting setting. The slim design feature for the wall mounted ambiance line in a number of different sizes makes designing an interior setting a very creative yet versatile opportunity.