Please note: We do not sell to the retail public. Authorized dealers only.
Thank you for your understanding.

FORMS OF PAYMENT:  Beginning August 3rd, 2020 Tri-State Distributors accepts Checks, ACH Transfers, Credit Cards and Wire Payments.  ALL Credit Card payments starting on August 3rd and after are subject to a 3% processing fee. 

PRICES—All prices are subject to change without notice. Merchandise will be billed at prices in effect at the time of shipment.

NEW ACCOUNTS—To qualify for an open account a credit application must be submitted and approved by our credit department. All purchases prior to credit approval will be on C.O.D. basis.

TERMS—Invoices are due and payable net 30 days from the date of the invoice.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS—A 1 1/2% monthly service charge (18% per annum) will be applied to the unpaid balance of all past due accounts.
SALES TAX—All items purchased for use will be taxed at the appropriate rate. Sales tax will not be charged on items purchased for resale, providing a valid resale certificate is on file in our office.

MINIMUM ORDERS-TRUCK ROUTE CUSTOMERS—A minimum order of $500 is required. Orders less than $500.00 are subject to a $20.00 handling fee.  All Truck Route Deliveries will incur a $15.00 fuel surcharge regardless of the order amount.

All regular non-retail customers will be assigned a customer number which will identify you as such throughout our system. This number will ensure that each customer will be given the appropriate pricing at any of our locations as well as enabling us to notify you of special sales or other pertinent information. The following information is needed to establish a customer number:
- Business Name
- Physical Address and Mailing Address
- Phone and fax number
- Name of Contact Person (owner or manager)
- Tax exempt status with appropriate form on file in our office (form to be supplied by Tri-State Distributors).

All purchases will be cash on delivery (cash or approved credit card) unless a line of credit has been established. To establish an open credit account the following information is required:

- Completed TSD credit application signed by all partners or principals.
- Guarantee agreement signed by all partners or principals.
- A business financial statement.
- A personal financial statement in addition to business statement if in business three years or less.
- Tax exempt status with appropriate form completed (form to be supplied by Tri-State Distributors).

All open accounts will be billed by an invoice of items delivered. Payment is due within the terms outlined on the invoice (i.e. net 15, net 30, etc.). A monthly statement will also be sent to provide a summary of each month’s account activity.